The Alliance for Rural Electrification is an international business association focusing on the promotion and the development of off-grid stand-alone and mini-grid renewable energy solutions for rural electrification in developing countries. ARE serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and best-practices and is a privileged partner of stakeholders in the energy field who want to engage the private sector.

Our mission is to:

  • Attract and unite all relevant actors in order to speak with one voice about rural electrification with renewable energies.
  • Enable business and market development by targeted advocacy and facilitating access to international funding.
  • Be a global platform for sharing knowledge and best practices to enhance energy access (e.g. hydro, solar, wind) and services (e.g. training).



As the German Energy Storage Association, we represent the interests of the energy storage industry.

Members of the association include companies from all sectors related to energy storage, such as technology manufacturers, project developers, system integrators, consulting firms, research institutions and other market leaders in the cleantech sector. We are technology and business model agnostic regarding our membership structure, and we solely rely on the intellectual and financial input and support of our members.



The California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) is a membership-based advocacy group committed to advancing the role of energy storage in the electric power sector through policy, education, outreach, and research.  

Our membership includes technology manufacturers, project developers, systems integrators, consulting firms, and other clean tech industry leaders.  

We are technology and business model-neutral, and are supported solely by the contributions and coordinated activities of our members.



The China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) is the first and only non-profit, member-based energy storage association in China. The CNESA promotes healthy renewable energy growth through the use of competitive and reliable energy storage systems. We work with the Chinese government to drive policies and spread awareness of the benefits that energy storage can provide to the grid. We also encourage communication and facilitate business between the government and the private sector, domestically and internationally. 

Our members consist of energy storage technology developers, renewable energy manufacturers, venture capital firms and energy storage research institutions. We aim to continuously communicate the most up-to-date market trends to our members through our annual white paper, monthly e-magazine, research reports, annual forum and bi-monthly saloons.



As the national trade association in the U.S., the Energy Storage Association (ESA) is the leading voice for companies that develop and deploy the multitude of energy storage technologies that we rely on every day.  Our member companies research, manufacture, distribute, finance, and build energy storage projects domestically and abroad.

The ESA is comprised of over 120 private companies, non-profit organizations, and individual experts working together to educate the public and inform regulators and legislators about the importance of energy storage technologies.


Our collective efforts help to create new, competitive markets and a fair regulatory environment that reflects the value provided by energy storage to millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers.



The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) was launched in 2012 by Customized Energy Solutions to promote Energy Storage and Micro grid technologies and their applications in India. IESA does this by creating awareness among various stakeholders to make the Indian industry and power sector more competitive and efficient, and by promoting information exchange with the end users to assist with more informed decision making. IESA also provides insights to technology developers and system integrators on the policy landscape and business opportunities in India through frequent interaction with key stakeholders. With response received from the storage industry across the globe, the IESA is quickly gaining a strong foothold across various stakeholders and technology providers.


IESA – Knowledge Partner Network:  To further the growth of awareness about storage and the application of storage to solve electricity system problems, the IESA has also launched the Knowledge Partner Network (IESA KPN) for an open and transparent information exchange that will assist with decision making. Proactive Indian state owned utilities and regulatory commissions, statutory central government bodies like power research institutes, leading power transmission utilities, Special Economic Zone (SEZ)/ townships, telecom towers and infrastructure industry, industries (metals, petroleum etc.), storage supply chain vendors / manufacturers, universities / research groups, hotel groups and other key market participants in the storage arena are actively taking part in this alliance to broaden the vision and help realize the key goal of the IESA.